Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Book Review VII

Title: Secret Life of Bees Author: Sue Monk Kidd Genre: Literary Summary: A teenage girl runs from her father after learning the truth about her mother's death. Her journey take her to Tilbourn, South Carolina, a pink house and three black women. Her story is set during the turmoil of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. What was Good: The interaction between "Normal People" and the "Events of History" is my favorite way of learning about history. The tension of the Civil Rights Movement is told on the peripheral of the story, but affects all of the characters, just as today's history does for us. The personal story of Lily was told in a wonderful voice that rang with truth. What wasn't: Personally I would have liked to see it taken further. The author's goal was achieved with Lily's story and some of the subplots were wrapped up, but I wanted more at the ending. The Take-Away: In one scene, Lily discovers that June doesn't like her because Lily is white. Discovering that racism works both ways is an eye-opener for Lily. It made me pause, and think about those that I've judged based on whatever shallow criteria may have passed through my mind. Were they doing the same to me? Recommendation: Settle in for a good read. The story and character appeal on a number of levels.

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