Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Book Review VI

Title: How to Meet Cute Boys Author: Deanna Kizis Genre: Chick Lit Summary: A columnist for a woman's magazine (think Cosmo or Elle) uses her dating life for fodder. She meets a wonderful (younger) man who isn't ready to for a real relationship. What was Good: The book was populated with the articles that XXXX was writing. The way that they were placed in the book added and showed how the lines between her professional and private life often crossed. What wasn't: The ending sucked. It ends, but doesn't resolve. I hate books like this. The Take-Away: If I had known the type of ending, this book had, I would have had to weigh the cutsy columns vs. the lack of an ending. Recommendation: Weigh the lack of an ending vs. the greatness of the column inserts. Decide which you like most.

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