Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Book Review V

Title: Sushi for Beginners Author: Marian Keyes Genre: Chick Lit Summary: Three different women, with very different lives, discover their strengths and weaknesses in Dublin, Ireland. The bonds of friendship are tested between the woman and their strength is discovered by the book's end. What was Good: Marian Keyes has a fantastic way of layering the development of her characters so that you think you know them and then BAM! something new, and totally believable, is revealed. What wasn't: Usually the author has a goal for telling the story. This one didn't seem to have much of one other than entertaining the reader. It ends well and doesn't leave an unresolved feeling in my mouth, but I'm not exactly sure what the goal was either. The Take-Away: I loved the description of the looks of a character that receives Botox treatments. Because all three women take turns telling the story, the reader finds out not only what the reasons that the Botox is used, but the cover that is told and how it is received by the other women. Recommendation: I'd recommend other titles of Marian Keyes' first and save this one for last.

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