Monday, September 19, 2005

Book Review III

Title: 4th of July, 4th in the Women's Dective Club Series Author: James Patterson Genre: Mystery Summary: After responding to a lead on the most recent case, Lindsay Boxer is prosecuted for her reaction to a situation that went from bad to worse. Until her trial, she moves out of town, only to be haunted by an old cold case that may no longer be cold. What was Good: Fantastic characters that continue to grow in their fictional lives. It's easy to think of them as friends living across the country. What wasn't: Two separate stories are really taking place in this book. First is Lindsay's trial and the crime spree that led up to it. Second is the crime spree that occurs while she is on leave. The connection between the two, even at the end of the book, felt stretched. At times, it didn't even seem plausible. If the whole thing with the trial had been removed, I would have missed meeting her lawyer, but nothing else. The Take-Away: This book completely focuses on Lindsay, leaving the remaining members of the Club in the wings. The gap from the last novel is filled by Lindsay's lawyer. The subplot of the trial develops her character nicely and shows that she will fit in as well as Jill did. Recommendation: Send everyone out of the house for a few hours and read it in one or two sittings. The pacing of the action and storyline keeps you wanting more. Note: My husband, a picky reader if there ever was, recently finished 3rd Degree and liked it. He might even read the other three, he stated.

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