Thursday, January 03, 2008

WIP Goal for January

Write / edit five days out of seven. Hmmm....

  1. Happy New Year! And I'm off to a bad start since I actually made the goal on the 2nd.
  2. I thought about a nice plot twist, does that count?
  3. I read chapters 1-4, to reacquaint myself with it.
  4. Found three scenes in random note book; figured where 2 of 3 belonged. Wrote first new scene in ages; felt really good until I realized that my characters were headed towards sex. It got a bit uncomfortable.
  5. Nothing
  6. Nothing
  7. Nothing
  8. Nothing
  9. Started on Chapter 8. Realized that I feel into my typical "only write the dialogue" habit. It reads really fast with no interuption in the fighting that's going on. Need to fix this.
  10. Nothing
  11. Nothing
  12. Nothing
  13. Nothing
  14. I used to write during my coffee breaks at work. I'm going to start this approach again today. Update: I started adding the prose between my dialogue of Chapter 8.
  15. Finished working on Ch. 8. Started Ch. 10 when I realized that's where the other scene fit in. Wrote new introduction. Need to finish scene.
  16. Worked on Ch. 10 continuation.
  17. Journal -- good for the soul, but not for the WIP
  18. Edits for WIP into the electronic file
  19. Nothing
  20. Nothing
  21. Nothing
  22. Continued Ch. 10
  23. Nothing
  24. Nothing
  25. Nothing
  26. Nothing
  27. Nothing
  28. Nothing
  29. Nothing
  30. Nothing
  31. Nothing

From 11-29-07, editing in November included re-arranging the scenes and a read through.

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Bethany K. Warner said...

Hey, who cares if you made the goal on the 2nd. At least you made one.