Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Blind by P J Tracy

As part of my "One Book a Week" goal, I dedicated two days to reading Snow Blind by P J Tracy.

Summary: Minneapolis police detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are participating in a snowman building contest after the first big snowfall of the year. Instead of creating a snowman, they are forced to destory hundreds of them, when a child discovers a dead body inside of a snowman.

The Take-Away: I love this series. The mother-daughter duo is fabulous. This is book four of the series, and the stakes get higher each and every book. The Monkeewrench group is back also, as part of the crime-fighting team. They are tied into the case in ways that neither they nor the detective anticipate.

The very best part of the book is the ending that, if I shared, would ruin the book for you. Trust, it's worth it.

Recommendation: While you don't need to start at the very beginning of the series, you'll want to, if you start with this one.

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Title: Snow Blind

Author: P J Tracy

Publisher: Putnam Adult

ISBN 039915339X, August 3, 2006, 320 pages

Genre: Thriller

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