Friday, January 11, 2008

Update on January Writing Goal

Cross posted at Starting Write Now.

Over at my personal blog, Raspberry Latte, I set my January goal as, write five days out of seven. No definitions as to what work means, but personal guilt won't allow me to say "reading counts" for more than two days in a row.

Evidently, not working at all doesn't bother me. I've worked four days out of the eleven so far -- details here. I would consider two of the four productive days.


So what is it that keeps me from working? Sure, some of it is my family. That 30 minutes that I thought I had was occupied by a 4 year old who wanted to sit on my lap and watch a movie. The fifteen minute break at work was consumed when a co-worker stopped by with a question that turned into a chat that wasn't work related. Lunch? Non-existent in my world.

Carving out time, even after declaring that I was only going to read one book a week, is still proving difficult. But the biggest problem is that I've lost the habit. Yep. Taking that whole month of December off really hurt more than I realized.

Next week will be better, because I told myself that I could have a night at Starbucks next week, if I worked over the weekend. Actual work, none of this "I thought about a problem, sort of" work.


Bethany K. Warner said...

The habit is the hardest part. That was my biggest obstacle of startin up again after I moved.

Daisy said...

A night at Starbucks -- that's a reward that would work for me!