Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Story Telling

Last week, a co-worker was telling another co-worker about a disastrous trip the two of us had been on. Fun, but more than a little problematic with driving directions and what have you.

As she told the story, I struggled not to correct her, because, well, most of the details were wrong. Yes, we got lost, but not so that we could see the streets named with Shakespearean characters. That was a coincidence. We got lost because I took one street too soon and going around the block meant long detours on freeways and connection streets that were supposed to speed up traffic.

I didn't mind the mistelling, once I realized that my memory for details is what makes me good at my day job, first, and good at writing, second. Details are natural for me. Changing eye color or character names are obvious to me. I wonder why others don't notice them.

What part of your writing life trickles into your other life?

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