Monday, January 14, 2008

Football Doesn't Make Sense

Since the Packers won yesterday, as did the Eagles, I'm thrilled that the game is going to be in Green Bay. It's great for the state's economy. Just think of the amount of beer that will be sold next Sunday.

However, I don't completely understand football. In fact there are three things about the game that make no sense to me.

  1. Unnecessary roughness calls. It's football. Isn't it the point to go out on the field and hit as many guys as possible in order to either protect or sack the quarterback? Yet, they can't do it too hard or it's unnecessary roughness.
  2. Scoring points. I can understand that the one point kick after a touchdown, but what is it that makes a touchdown worth 6 points? Is it really six times as hard as a kick? And twice as hard as a field goal? Please, someone enlighten me.
  3. Finally, why bother to have play books? It's 9 guys on team A tackling 11 guys on team B so that two the team A guys can play catch. What difference does it make if it's a Statue of Liberty play or something else?

I'm confident that it makes sense to other people. Personally, I'll stick with drinking beer.

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