Monday, September 19, 2005

Book Review IV

Title: The Last Suppers Author: Diane Mott Davidson Genre: Mystery Summary: Goldy finally accepts Tom's proposal, plans the wedding and is at the church on time. Tom isn't. He disappears shortly after the phone call to Goldy. Her only clues are Tom's notebook and her ability to find information. What was Good: The recipes (of course) and seeing the different paths that Goldy trod before coming across the correct one. In her prior books, Ms Davidson had a pretty straight forward discovery method. This novel switches the pattern. The reader is given the clues but the full meaning of them isn't revealed quite as quickly. What wasn't: Perhaps it was because of the mystery's effect on Goldy, but there seemed to be "extras" in this book. Scenes took too long at times and didn't always seem to be relevant. The Take-Away: The author experienced some growing pains in this piece. The previous books were good. I'd still check out the next one. Recommendation: I'd read it, but I wouldn't necessarily re-read it.

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