Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Book Review I

Title: Eleven on Top Author: Janet Evanovich Genre: Chick Lit, could also be Mystery Summary: Stephanie Plum decides that it is time to grow-up, get a real job and stop embarassing her mother. The criminals out to get her missed the memo as the continue to blow-up her car, break into her apartment and send to running to Joe and Ranger for protection. What was Good: The struggles of finding and keeping a job are retold in a funny way, that even while it is true, it makes me laugh. What wasn't: The ongoing saga of Ranger vs. Joe needs to end. If it does, though, will the series? The Take-Away: As much I have enjoyed this series, it's stretching awfully thin. Certain passages make me think that the author realizes this as well, but doesn't know how to solve it. It doesn't work as a 10+ book series as part of the tension and intrigue is Stephanie's indecision about men. This installation, however, is much better than some of the other. Recommendation: If you haven't read the Plum novels, put them on your list to read. Even better, check out the audio books and listen to them while cleaning your kitchen. I believe that Barbara Rosenblat is the reader. Whatever her name, she does a wonderful job. Ever time I've read a printed copy I hear her in my head as Grandma Mazer and LuLu.

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