Monday, September 12, 2005

Book Review II

Title: Terminal Author: Robin Cook Genre: Medical Summary: The astounding results of a medical center attract the attention of a medical student who discovers more than the surface reveals. What was Good: Good pacing and loads of action. The explanations of technical aspects were easily followed and somewhat believeable. What wasn't: A summary statement for this book could have been accurate enough and generic enough to fit a dozen of books. Some of the plot movers were too coincidental. The entire subplot with the janitor should have been left out. It did not enhance the main plot in anyway other than to add confusion to the various groups watching the medical student and his girlfriend. The Take-Away: A pretty generic medical thriller, but given its publication date (1992) and the strides in the mystery/thriller genre add to the trite plot lines. It was a struggle to finish, because of the predictability. Recommendation: Skip it, unless compact answers are thrilling.

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