Friday, January 06, 2006

The Truth about my Addiction

My librarian friend introduced me to a thoroughly evil site called I'd be angry with her except I'm too excited. Here's why.

I found the following books for the following prices, plus a $5 off $35 or more, which on the internet means free shipping.

  • 3 by Finney for $4.99
  • From Time to Time for $1.20
  • Time and Again for $4.49
  • The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! for $2.99
  • The Poet and the Murderer for $3.99
  • By a Spider's Thread for $5.99
  • Bubbles A Broad for $4.99
  • The Devil's Arithmetic for $1.99
  • Mirror, Mirror for $5.49

The grand total (including shipping) was (drum roll please)...$37.57

Yep, I averaged $4.17 a book and saved $105.71.

This means bad things for my already overflowing books shelves. It started out innocently. I was just going to look for The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! because the five year old is dying to own it. I've renewed it once and we read it at least once a day when he is at our house.

But I found the Jack Finney titles, which, I must admit, I've wanted to own since I first found them in college. We're talking about 7 years here, people. Do you own anything that is originally cost less than $20 seven years ago and still want it? I thought not.

By then I was up to that $15-20 range and well, what the hell. I googled for a coupon and hit pay dirt. (That's something I never thought I would ever say.)

Back to my original point. Don't visit this site or get sucked into its book buying goodness unless your shelves are empty or you have better self control that I do.

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