Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Random Facts

I've been tagged to provide five random facts about myself by Kelli. I've seen this making the round. I like being tagged, but hate it too.

Providing random facts is more difficult than it seems.

Random Fact #1 - Type A Personality

I am a type A personality, but I'm also a natural slacker. Unless something is worthwhile, I'll completely ignore it. Housecleaning is a good example of this. But when I need to get it done, it's a top to bottom event that scares my family because they come home and everything is sparkling. Schoolwork was like that for me as is my current job. If I don't see the value, I just won't do it. Thank god I have a supervisor that I can be honest with and tell him why I won't do it the way he wants everytime.

I'm also willing to work ten times as hard on something that will mean less work in the long run. For instance, the recent reporting bonzana at my desk took about ten hours to set-up, five hours of tweaking, but next time it should take two hours, max.

Random Fact #2 - Career Goal = Writer

I love writing stories, even though I make tons of mistakes. I even enjoy being critiqued because it enables me to grow. Others see things I don't. I know what I was attempting to achieve; the difference between thoughts in my head and words on paper are magnified.

But the only time I have to write is at work since the 2yo has decided that naps are passe. I set a timer and write on my breaks. I've learned to write in 15 minute blocks and have difficulty breaking out of that rut.

Random Fact #3 - Fake Excel Guru for Hire

I'm routinely called upon at work to solve excel related problems. I know that my knowledge bows to the likes of Dick Kusleika but no one else seems to realize it. Because I'm willing to dig for an answer, I usually find it. I even have a small consulting firm on the side for those with questions in MS Word, Excel and Access.

Random Fact #4 - I'm a runner

I ran track in high school and developed terrible shin splints. Now I run on an elliptical runner 3 or 4 times a week for 30 minutes. If you know what I look like, this will most likely surprise you. I'm not lean, but I'm healthier now than I was a year ago when I started this activity again. To motivate myself, I schedule time during the day and keep track of my progress. Once running, I listen to audio books and forbid myself to listen to the tape anywhere else.

Random Fact #5 - Keeper of Records

I obsessively track my reading progress. The details listed here are kept in an Excel workbook.

I save my blog monthly. It's like a journal, only in HTML format rather than bound book. It's easier to read than my handwriting and updated regularly, whereas my journal might lie untouched for a month at a time. But my journal records the depressing and anxiety driven elements of my life. Therefore it holds more value if lost.

Every month I write a letter to Ollie and O-jo (my boys) telling them what life has been like for the last month. If the book is full before they are 18, I'll give the appropriate copy to each child. The letters are different for each one and very honest.

I carry a USB drive with my most important things on it. It's not the back-up, but the original. The back-up is on the home computer. And in my email box.

I keep a daily to do list at work, save them and print them. I don't have a good reason for the archive, but the daily record is needed so I can remember what issues are outstanding.

I'm tagging Word Nerd, Bethany, Ruth, who needs to start her own blog and showcasing some of those wonderful pieces she brings to the critique group, Erin, who is new to Oshkosh and needs to feel some love from those who already reside here, and Dave, for braving the world of blogging and NaNo. Go to, people, go to.

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