Monday, January 23, 2006

Sanctuary by Nora Roberts

Title: Santuary

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Mystery

Summary: The photos of a mother who disappeared 15 years ago have been left for her daughter. Their appearance and the unknown intent behind the sender have driven Jo back to Santuary, her childhood home.

The Take-Away: I've been reading quite a few of Ms Roberts books lately. Two reasons: they are fabulous to re-read; I'm cleaning out shelves with the intent to BookCrossing them.

After the first chapter I remembered who the bad guy was. It gave me a chance to see where and how she planted the clues that lead to the plausible ending. If the clue is too subtle, the ending comes out of nowhere. If it is too obvious, the reader knows who-dun-it and has lost interest. Ms Roberts builds not only hot romances, but stellar clues into her novels.

Recommendation: Sign up for BookCrossing and nab it when I release it into the wild.

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