Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Strange Facts about my Keyboard

My place of work issues a Dell computer for every user that requires one. When I first started, I inherited a box that sounded as though I was shifting into first instead of booting my computer. It wasn't a Dell, but I don't know (re: doubt) that it makes a difference.

When I moved onto a job that required my computer to not sound like it was going to explode every time I did a calculation, I got a new one from Dell, the one that this post is devoted to. I've had this computer and its keyboard for just over two years. I'm thoroughly attached to my flat panel monitor. The CPU has a fantastic amount of memory. Whenever one of the IT guys comes around for department upgrades or audits, they say, "Wow, what are you doing here?" It's a great feeling.

Since I'm the only one to every use this keyboard, I know that all of the defects reviewed here are caused by me personally.

Dell has a black matte finish on their keyboards. My home computer is from Dell also, but doesn't have the same level of defect that this black matte finish has caused.

Simply by looking at my keyboard you can tell I'm right handed. I use my right tumb to space. I don't even know why I have a left thumb. It hovers within touching distance the tip of my right thumb. I recall being taught to space with both thumbs, but really why? When one considers the alternatives of being able to wear out the black matte finish on a space bar in the course of two years just by using one thumb? I wonder how long it would take to wear a hole in the space bar. If I bribe the IT guy who brings my next computer, I wonder if he will let me keep my keyboard so I can figure that out.

Several of the other keys have that same glossy look to them. Most are in the home row of the keyboard. "F" has lost almost all of its matte finish. Just the letter itself is protected since I tend to hit the lower right corner. Or, at least, that's what the missing matte tells me.

"A" is the other extreme. Only a tiny portion of the matte finish is missing. The lower left corner, in fact. "R" and "T" are suffering too. So is "N."

Given the popularity of these letters among Wheel of Fortune contestants, I'd have to say that they simply show up more.

So then I got to wondering about programmers and people who make use of those characters about the number keys. Do any of them show the wear and tear that my keyboard has?

Unfortunately, I must leave this question unanswered. I don't know any programmers that I can ask. The amount I do wouldn't fill half a thimble. But careful examination of my keyboard did reveal that I shift with my left pinkie finger.

Thank God the matte is still on the backspace key. At least I'm not spending my time on errors.

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