Thursday, January 05, 2006

My thoughts on the Crapometer

Miss Snark recently concluded her review of reader submitted synopsis. I confess I had to stop reading because there were over a hundred and my family wanted to eat supper.

Instead I picked out the ones I liked the best. Here they are.

  • Mine which received less than rave reviews
  • #98 received an excellent
  • #93 was a good synopsis but made Miss Snark want to NOT read the book
  • #91 better serves as flap copy
  • #23 received an excellent
  • #39 might pass muster, but needed to be zippier
  • #48 was a big mess
  • #51 had chronology problems
  • #52 received a very good and required minor corrections
  • #88 revealed plotting and realism flaws
  • #85 also had plotting flaws
  • #83 had a good synopsis, but no new ideas
  • #81 is an example of "not for us"
  • #57 needs work, but the pages would be read
  • #61 shows how agents learn about a synopsis outside of their usual genre(s)
  • #80 didn't have an ending, but the writing was good

The entries start in December and run through January, in case you are interested in seeing more (or need to reference good and bad examples when writing your own.)

Best of all was the appreciation shown in The Snarkling Anthem. I know I appreciated seeing the good and bad. How else do people learn?

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