Thursday, January 12, 2006

Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts

Title: Carolina Moon

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Tory returns to the troubled house of her past to discover who murdered her best friend Hope. While finding the murderer, she also finds love and a new friend.

The Take-Away: Every writer, it seems, has at least one book with paranormal elements. Ms Roberts uses the cliche of a pyschic good enough to find missing children, but unable to see who killed her best friend during their childhood.

When I look over Ms Roberts career as a whole, I can see how she improved and where past book most likely influenced later ones. This book, I believe, was something of a forerunner for later works that relay heavily on paranormal elements for both good and evil. Even though the idea of a psychic is cliche, Ms Roberts' skills at characterization allow the reader to over look such flaws.

Recommendation: Read it during a beach weekend get away.

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