Thursday, December 22, 2005

Trick of the Eye by Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Title: Trick of the Eye

Author: Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Genre: Fiction

Summary: The daughter of a prominent New York family was found dead shortly after her debutante cotillion took place. The building remained locked until a trompe l'oeil artist is asked to decorate a ballroom that was used that night. The mystery surrounding the death intriques Faith Crowell, the artist, and she begins to investigate. She finds out that she isn't the only interested in the solving the murder.

The Take-Away: A real nail biter. The suspense was fantastic. Things seemed off and I knew I should be looking for clues, but they were so cleverly planted that I didn't see them until the end when Frances Griffin reveals her true reasons for commisioning the piece.

Recommendation: Wait until summer and read it during a thunderstorm. Then run out and get Social Crimes, Ms Hitchcock's second novel.

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