Friday, December 09, 2005

Character Workshop

Holly Lisle is writing a Creating Characters book. Since hers are always fabulous, this should be a good workshop. The plan is to make it available as an e-book via her website in January 2006.

I’m doing the book as an intensive clinic, meaning you’ll be able to use it either to strengthen characters you’ve already written, or to create new characters from scratch. I’ll include (as I have it outlined right now) techniques I use for developing seven critical areas in each of my characters; essential questions in each area that I ask to get my characters to live for me; examples of how I’ve put each area into practice in my own work; exercises that will teach you to use and refine these techniques in your own work; and finally, the techniques I use to connect characters to each other both on the surface and in hidden ways that permit me to achieve a lot of the surprise twists that exist in my work, with exercises that will teach you how to do that, too.

Holly has added a Introduction teaser here and a Chapter One teaser here. It's going on my Christmas list.

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