Friday, December 02, 2005

Bookworm Report, November 2005

My place holder in my template for these posts is "(chatty paragraph)". Today, however, I'm not feeling particularly chatty. In fact, I'm feeling down right nasty. Like I want to take a red pen to my lastest manuscript and start editing. Thankfully, this coincides with what I need to do next. I love it when life works out that way.

Bookworm Review
Year Pages Books
2001 5,139 19
2002 4,076 13
2003 2,448 7
2004 2,747 8
2005 3,410 10

For the year, I've read 105 books, or 38,610 pages, which averages to 10 books a month, or 3,510 pages per month, and an average book length of 386 pages.

Okay, the urge to be nasty is over. I'll calmly read and edit without making my manuscript bleed. Unless, of course it deserves it. In which case, I'll be ruthless. That inner editor was suppressed for the whole month of Novemember. It needs to come out some time. (wink)

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