Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meeting an Old Friend

Almost everyone I went to college with has scattered to the four corners of this nation. All save two who live in the Fox Valley, but I seldom see. Life with kids is busier than anything I've ever done before basically because they are always there and are too short to get anything for themselves.

A week or so ago I made an appointment to see Matt, who I've neglected since a mutual friend's wedding about five years ago. I say appointment as he now sells a variety of insurance and financial services.

I came about /this/ close to cancelling the appointment. Simply put, I was scared. The reasons were similar to the ones in this post, but slightly different. I know that I'm not the same outspoken girl that I was. I'd like to think that I've changed into a mature woman who respects the opinions of others, but the truth of it is, I'm too tired to have discussions and arguments like I used to. One, it would require me to keep up with current events. Two, it would require me to use logical thought and planning. I do that at work all day.

Truth be told, I have changed so much that I feared Matt would wonder why we were friends.

I'm not sure how he viewed me after a five year lapse, but I saw confidence oozing from him as I've never seen before. The same habits of tallking outloud during self-correction and asking insightful questions were there, but back by this amazing level of confidence. I took it to mean that he has truly found a career he enjoys and has good things going on in his personal life.

Now that we've narrowed that gap some, I'm hoping that we can keep up a little better at least. Any of my college friends will state that I'm terrible at correspondence and I would agree. But somethings are too important to let go or read about in a blog.

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