Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Book of Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick

Title: Book of Dead Days

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Between Christmas and New's Years lie Dead Days, when things happen that no one ever expects. A magician has a secret that he needs Boy (who has no other name) to unlock for him. Along with the help of Willow, the magician's secret is discovered and life changes its course.

What was Good: The setting is fantastic. From the beginning, the story needs to be solved in five days. Mr. Sedgwick increases the sense of urgency through Boy's acceptance of everything that happens to him and Willow's ubiquitous questions. It's meant for kids, but I'd read it again. Perfectly scary with good breaking points for those who can't stay under the covers with the flashlight to read it.

What wasn't: Boy is so complacent and so understanding that I wanted to shake him and tell him that people don't need to be treated as he was. Which of course, is the role Willow has. But she isn't effective at it. I wanted to do it myself.

The Take-Away: The sequel The Dark Flight Down is on my list of books to read.

Recommendation: Read it at night, when the wind is blowing the branches against the living room window. It will scare you (if you have an overactive imagination and are 13.)

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