Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Love in my House

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Love is simple, and oh so very complicated. I love my dogs. I walk in the door and man, are they excited to see me. They jump, they yip, they slather me with attention.

My kids do the same, except for the yipping.

That's the simple part. The complicated part comes later when my four year old asks me to find a toy that's been missed placed. Are you the GPS locator for every missing toy and device in your home also? When I can't immediately stop what I'm doing and assist, it's "Mom, I don't love you any more. You don't ever help me." Never mind the fact that as soon as I walk into the room, the lost toy is instantly found by one of us.

The complicated part for my other son, a seven year old that has two moms and a dad is the two moms part. He loves his birth mother and me, the stepmom. Yet I'm not mom, I'm Stacie and she's Mom. Yet I'm his brother's mom and Dad is Dad no matter who says it. See how it work in his head? See why he gets confused if he doesn't completely jive?

Love should be easy. I believe that all love should be like my dogs - glad, happy, yipping. The complications come from the rest of the world's influences on what "they" believe the relationship should be like.

For Valentine's Day, I'm going to keep it simple. No gifts, no boxes of chocolates, no flowers. Instead, I'm going to write each of my guys a letter and make it snazzy with some clipart. "Fourteen reasons I love you" should help them, and me, to keep it simple and not let the rest of the world influence our relationship.

How do you tell your loved ones what makes them special? Leave a comment and I'll post a link. If you don't blog, I'll feature you as a guest blogger.

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Scribbit said...

That is complex--and children are so different from adults that what a boy says doesn't carry the same meaning as what a man says.

I like your idea and think that's the perfect Valentine's Day gift, perfect for any day really.