Friday, February 08, 2008

Five on Friday

It's been a crazy week here in Wisconsin. Between the weather changes, the work changes and getting to back into writing, my week was a whirlwind of activity that left me looking forward to doing nothing over the weekend. Fortunately, that's what I have planned.

  • Wisebread reports that UK banks are blocking their worst customers credit cards for their customers good. Is this a smart move or Big Brother? Will US banks follow suit?
  • Heather Armstrong has a great picture of San Franciso up. The description she penned is just as yummy.
  • Daily Dose of Excel report and excellent quote re: Excel files received "IT guys should tell end users right off the bat that if they see an unrecognizable Excel document in their inbox, they should treat it like porn — it’s not something you should be opening up at work.” I should adopt this motto for most of the things in my inbox.
  • Melanie Lynne Hauser of the Super Mom fame has a great post about why women are intolerable. Frankly, I agree with her.
  • Defective Yeti has a review of games that might ruin your friendships, but improve your negotiating skills.

What was your favorite link this week?

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Daisy said...

Melanie says it well!