Friday, January 05, 2007

Play Dead by Anne Frasier

Title: Play Dead

Author: Anne Frasier

Genre: Thriller

Summary: A new drug in Savannah, Georgia, only mimics death and confounds the local police, including their ex-FBI profiler.

The Take-Away: The relationship between the male and female protagonists was touch and go. Sometimes it would click, and the storyline would just flow. Other times, it wasn't working, but Elise Sandburg blames that on the mood swings of her partner, David Gould, the ex-FBI profiler.

Each of them has a history that while pertinant to the storyline, also keeps their relationship fluxuating between hot and cold. It was a refreshing change from the normal "romantic" interest that is automatically tied between partners, especially when one of them is new.

Recommendation: Again, Frasier's details about solving the case and her skill at creating memorable characters makes this a must read.

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