Friday, January 19, 2007

Magic Study by Maria V Snyder

Title: Magic Study (Second in a Series)

Author: Maria V Snyder

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Yelena travels south with Irys, her rescuer from Poison Study, where she is briefly reunited with her family before starting her study, except her studies lead her from one plot to another.

The Take-Away: Excellent second novel. It was as well written as the first, with higher stakes. Yelena's safety continues to be threatened, but the threats come from the supporters of the exiled northern king and her brother.

I really liked how the author raised the stakes in this title, along with her set-up for the third, Fire Study. The rules of magic, as they apply to this series, is explored thoroughly in this title. I believe that the reader, along with Yelena, will need to be able to recognize them for the next title.

Recommendation: You won't spoil any story lines by starting with this one, but you're definitely going to want to read Poison Study too.

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