Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2: Editing with Small Children

Thirteen Things about Editing with Small Children

Editing with small children means...

  1. ...sharing your pens and ruining the color-coordination.
  2. ...crayon drawings over the top of text, and not just on the deleted pages.
  3. ...lowering your page quota.
  4. ...listening to Pixar's Cars twice in one night (once to make supper, once to edit.)
  5. ...sharing your iPod ear buds with someone who "wants to listen to the songs too."
  6. ...explaining to your critique partner which marks are proof-reader marks and which are unwelcome contributions from a wanna-be editor.
  7. ...not eating cookies at 9 pm even though I want to.
  8. ...listening to your kids instead of your characters.
  9. ...losing the threads of your story (and your thoughts) frequently.
  10. ...taking breaks to read their stories.
  11. ...searching for lost toys, instead of better verbs.
  12. ...answering questions without listening to them.
  13. ...lots of laughter that isn't directed at your writing skills.
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Shannon said...

Not there with my one year olds yet, but they are certainly interested in what mommy is doing on the keyboard and monitor.

Happy Thursday.

scooper said...

I've instilled the fear of mommy. No I do most work when the kids are in school or daycare now. Good luck!

Raggedy said...

Being on the computer or the phone sends some kind of signal to little brains to interupt. The minute you need to concentrate they sense it somehow and want your undivided attention.
Great list.
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

word nerd said...

I don't have to edit with kids, but I do have a four-legged friend who decided that walking across my laptop on his little cat feet is a good way to help...

slpenney said...

Shannon-The first lesson I had was teaching them that I was "working" and that they couldn't use the computer. My 6yo wants to set a timer for me, like we do for him.

Scooper-How did you manage that?!? That would be a TT I'd be interested in.

Raggedy-Same thing at my house. Occasionally, when I work my day job at home, I have to apologize to the caller on the other end. Thankfully, I have an understanding boss.

WN-I have a puppy that likes to lick the screen. What's up with that?

Frances said...

I remember those days.
Taking my hat off to you I tried working from home, but I just couldn't do it.
Thanks for sharing,
PS Have a cookie right now you deserve it ;)

Kelly Parra said...

*sigh* Yes, all those are so true! =D