Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasure by Laurell K Hamilton

Title: Guilty Pleasure

Author: Laurell K Hamilton

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Anita Blake, the Executioner, has been employed by the city's Master Vampire to investigate the vampire murders in the city. Not succeeding will have consequences that extend further than a failed investigation.

The Take-Away: The Anita Blake series has several titles, and I'm coming into them quite late in the series. I believe there are 11 total. I confess that my interest relates to the most recent one, perhaps the last five or six.

Most of her readers love the early books, for the action, the vampires, the great world building that incorporates new twists with legends and lore. The later books have more of the "horizontal mambo" and less plot. However, I've heard that the newest title is better. So I decided to check it out for myself, after hearing about it in various places.

I have to admit, that the action in this book happened too rapidly for me. During the first 80 pages or so, things happened so rapidly that I'd just start to feel like I knew what was going on, and Anita would be thrown into a different conflict. However, it did help me to realize why I've been told by one critique partner that my novel's pace is too slow.

I liked it enough to get the next one. I'm interested too in seeing what happens during the "make or break" books.

Recommendation: Too soon to commit to the whole series but worth a further look.

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Bethany K. Warner said...

Hmmm... at least the book was a learning experience if you didn't like the story.