Monday, January 08, 2007

The False House by James Stoddard

Title: The False House

Author: James Stoddard

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Parts and pieces of the High House are changed or missing and Carter Anderson has a traitor in his midst.

The Take-Away: The writing in the sequel to The High House is tighter, and rift with conflict. The kidnapping that occurs near the beginning of the book haunts the characters until the next big conflict occurs. The set-up was fabulous and brings back old enemies -- not the Anarchists, but Lady Order -- from the first book.

The False House also used multiple points of view quite effectively. The action happens in several locations. Instead of using a narrative information dump, or a retelling to other characters, Stoddard changes his narrator as needed. The writing held up as well, and allowed each distinct character's voice to shine through.

Stoddard hasn't published anything else and a reading of his website doesn't offer any clues. I'd be interested in a new offering.

Recommendation: You won't ruin any story lines starting with this one, but the writing growth is obvious.

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scribbit said...

And I'm gathering from your description that this book is an adult fantasy book. My children are really into fantasy and I'm always looking for good suggestions.

slpenney said...

It is, but depending on their background and interest, I don't think it would be beyond them. Everything in the story was quite accessible.