Friday, October 27, 2006

Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer L. O'Connell

Title: Dress Rehearsal

Author: Jennifer L. O'Connell

Genre: Chick Lit

Summary: Lauren, owner of Lauren's Lucious Licks, has a theory: if a couple can choose a cake with minimum arguements, their marriage will be good. Only the couple picking the cake is her best friend and the decision isn't an easy one.

The Take-Away: It amazes me what women will go through to help a friend. Even though the title is fiction, I know several women who would do just what Lauren did, including lie, confront and protect.

Lauren is a bit self absorbed through the process, however. While she thinks she is acting in her friend's best interest, she in turn ignores the advice she is given. I admired the strength she had in starting her own bakery boutique, but it was a stretch to believe she went from an office worker without a complete set of measuring cups to a $4,000 per cake boutique owner.

Recommendation: Sweet, just like the frosting described in the book.

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