Friday, October 13, 2006

The Buried Pyramid by Jane M Lindskold

Title: The Buried Pyramid

Author: Jane M. Lindskold

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: The discovery of a new Egyptian king leads the explorers on a fantastical journey that the Protectors of the Tomb do their best to prevent.

The Take-Away: I love books about Egyptology, such as Elizabeth Peter's series featuring Amelia Emerson. This book is of a similar quality and excellent story.

One of the attractions of novels of this sort has always been the culture conflict. While the British were touring, exploring and uncovering in an attempt to not only learn about the Egyptians, but also perserve the knowledge, their Egyptian counterparts were willing to sell their national antiquities to the highest bidder of the moment.

The other attraction of this is the voice of the novelist. Combined with the style reminiscient of novels from the early 1900s, Linskold narration is moves forward, but at a pace slower than most modern novels. The difference was refreshing.

Recommendation: Dig in, but expect a different sort of writing style.

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