Monday, October 23, 2006

NaNoWriMo '06

NaNo starts in 10 short days. YIKES!

Normally by now I have an outline, usually by chapter, of major events and funny details. This year, I have a paper sketch and a mental train.

I'm hosting a kick-off party in Appleton next weekend (See the WI: Elsewhere forum for details. I need to get the goody bags together, but I have everything for them, except the NaNo swag. I'm not sure that is going to make it in time.

We are encouraged by the Office of Letters and Light, the headquarters for the event, to be active MLs. In fact, they published a handy list. I'm good on all of them (checking in at least once a day, writing a novel, answering questions, etc.) except the scheduled write-ins.

I'm sure that they want to make sure that the MLs are dedicated individuals doing good deeds, and not some bottom feeders just in it for the recognition and the swag. However, my region is WI: Elsewhere. Elsewhere as in NOT Madison or Milwaukee.

And that's a helluva lota ground to cover.

Last year I tried online write-ins. It might have worked, but my personal schedule changed and it bombed. I'm not too keen on setting something up at a coffee shop, since the two or three that are in Oshkosh or Appleton don't have much by the way of tables or plug-ins. Plus I don't want people to feel obligated to buy something or not come because they can't afford it. I know that I could ask the local libraries for space, but run into another problem -- not many people have laptops.

Any ideas? Either for meeting space or machines?

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