Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts

Title: Morrigan's Cross

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: A time traveller must find five others like himself. Together, they must defeat Lilith's vampire army, an army she has been recruiting for centuries.

The Take-Away: As always, a great story combined with strong characters who have room to grow and change. I'd expect little else from Nora Roberts. What I do expect, is better execution.

Because this is the first title in a trilogy, suspense has been combined with romance, I know that their will be three pairs of lovers introduced. Easier still, the three pairs are also the circle of six that will ultimately defeat the bad guys. It's a tough crowd that Nora writes for. Any reader of hers will have high expectations and know key elements such as these.

It was disappointing, then that her transitions between sections were so rough. Often a new section would begin, and I wouldn't know which character I was reading for several paragraphs. While it might have been on purpose, so the reader would realize how closely each individual character compared to the others, it was distracting.

The second title, Dance of the Gods was released in October and the final title, Valley of Silence in November. Even with the ambiguity of character, it was still the great story that I know I can count on in a Nora Roberts trilogy.

Recommendation: Buy it, but wait until you have all three and a weekend alone to indulge in reading them together.

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