Friday, October 20, 2006

Lack of Enthusiasm

I've had a severe lack of enthusiasm for any sort of writing lately. Blogging, shorts, novels, book reviews, emails for work, etc. Nothing is interesting to me.

Part of it stems from change. I'm frozen, forced into inaction, because things keep changing and I can't do a damn thing about it. I barely know what the next 15 minutes will bring, let alone the next day.

I'm a hunting widow this weekend as my husband has departed for the state of my birth, to bond with my brother and the various male members of my sister-in-law's family. He does it every year, no big deal, partially drawn by the hunting, partially drawn by the snorting and grunting that will take place.

It helps quite a bit that Cabela's releases a $1 million pheasant. Shoot that sucker and some things will change drastically for us.

Last night as Pickle-Boy and I bonded over the computer, something we rarely do when Dad's around, we watched a favorite of theirs -- The Wonder Pets. I was pleasantly pleased to find that Nick Jr. had nine episodes online. Pickle-Boy always is asking for The Wonder Pets and now I can oblige.

As I listened to their tiny voices singing, "What's gonna work? Te-eam Work," I thought to myself, that's more applicable than the creators of the show realize.

My work and home life may be going through lots of changes, but I have a good team to share the work.

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