Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OMG, I've Been Tagged

Stacy Brazalovich, of Welcome to the Confessional, tagged me with one of the coolest memes I've seen going around -- Five Things I wouldn't Say at a Cocktail Party.

1. We feed our dog boogers. Yes, it's true and it started as an accident. I have kids, small kids. They pick their noses. Elle stared intently at Ollie one day while he did it. I couldn't figure out why until he held out his finger and she scarfed that booger like it was Godiva chocolate.

2. I went to a parochial high school. No, I'm not Catholic. For some reason, people assume that "parochial school" is synonymous with "wild and crazy things with tequila." It's not. That happened on breaks away from school.

3. We were going through at least a roll of toliet paper a day until we switched to Scotts Tissue. I doubt that the pooping habits of the men in my life mean anything to anyone other than myself.

4. I've been meaning to try some weed. Do you have any? I've never smoked pot, something that is becoming less believable over time, since so many people have. Even my husband didn't believe me right away. This one could be really interesting though. Finding out the closet pot smokers could be fun.

5. Oh my god, I'm so sorry. He's never done that before. When you aren't the host. And you mean your husband. Sorry, honey, you'd be on your own since you always give the car keys to me.

Trisha Ryan post hers here.

I'll tag my normal suspects. If you do it, I'll link to you and we can have inappropriate conversations together.

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