Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My husband's birthday was yesterday. He doesn't read this blog, so I can do things like suggest you email him and wish him a happy unbirthday. We aren't doing much for his birthday because, well, he is buying a business. Quite frankly, that is enough of a gift.

I got him a small present too, don't worry. He'll love it, but I can't say what it is. Just in case, you know, he decides to check in today for some reason, like emails from strangers wishing him happy birthday (hint hint).

But it did get me thinking. Next year, I'll be the one with the big birthday -- 30. It doesn't really scare me, given some of my other accomplishments in a single year. I'll just be the age I've felt like for a long time, is all.

Birthdays aren't that significant. I sort of stopped celebrating them when I was 14. Weird story, but the gist of it is a new school combined with a holiday weekend and the desire to not bring attention to myself by telling everyone that it was my birthday. It doesn't seem as special when you have to remind or tell people "Today's my birthday."

Even turning 21, the most important birthday of all (because after you actually have your license at 16, you find out that it's not that big of a deal to drive and you end up spending all of your time running errands) fell flat.

I was a freshman at college, surrounded by other freshman of the 18 to 19 year old variety, during Early Field Experience (EFE). My of age upperclassmen friends got to spend their EFE off campus, helping out teachers and figuring out what teaching was really like. Not me. Not only did I not know anyone, I was back to no one knowing it was my birthday. I didn't get too drink to much, act inappropriately and pass out.

Thirty being the next significant number, I'm trying to figure out what to do. A co-worker offered to take me out on the town, visit her old stomping grounds and get thoroughly inebriated. I'm more of in bed by 10 pm girl. It doesn't appeal to me. Nor do I like bar, dancing or getting wasted in public.

So that's out.

But I'd like to do something fun. My birthday is six months, to the day, from yesterday. That's how long I have to plan. Any ideas?

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