Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Footprints of God by Greg Isles

Title: The Footprints of God

Author: Greg Isles

Genre: Fiction

Summary: The NSA's latest secret project has implications that the President decided require an ethical advisor. When the project approaches complition, the head of the project decides to kill anyone who would oppose it.

The Take-Away: The explanation of artifical intelligence is well done, but mostly through inform dumps. The narrator doubles as the ethical advisor David, also a Nobel winner. He knows quite a bit about the subject and takes the time between scenes to explain what the reader needs to know.

While it sounds like it would be really annoying, it isn't. The public perspective of AI is off and not just by a little. The whole novel has a conversational tone that makes the information dumps seamless. David reviews either what he knows or he discusses it with Rachel, his pyschiatrist that has been caught up in the dangers that surround David.

Recommendation: Carve out a chunk of time and read it over a weekend.

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