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The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer

Title: The Cinderella Pact

Author: Sarah Strohmeyer

Genre: Chick Lit

Summary: Nola Devlin decides to create a new persona when her boss decides that she is too fat to write an advice column for their magazine.

The Take-Away: Loved it. Nola may have started the column as a means of revenge, but where it takes her is extraordinary. The financial side of being an ultra chic, slim, British writer means that Nola's apartment is a dream and her savings account is plush. Even though no one sees her alter ego in public, the tabloids are full of rumors about her life.

The Pact comes in when one of Nola's friends brings an article that Nola wrote about weight loss to lunch. Nola and her two friends decide that enough time has passed and that this time they'll really loose the weight. After all, Nola's alter ego says that all it took her was eating reasonably and walking more. How hard could it really be?

Even though Strohmeyer never says what Nola weighs or what size she is, enough clues were dropped to give me an idea. It doesn't matter where she started, but what she learned along the way.

Strohmeyer's best known character, Bubbles Yablonsky, makes an appearance as well, adding to the depth of Nola's character.

Ever sympathetic to women every where, Strohmeyer started a Yahoo Group -- The Cinderella Pact -- for women to share the struggle of weight loss.

Recommendation: Read it. This is the best Sarah Strohmeyer book yet.

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