Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives by Sarah Strohmeyer

Title: The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives

Author: Sarah Strohmeyer

Genre: Chick Lit

Summary: Too much money, too much time, too many appearances to keep up. And too many husbands to sleep with.

The Take-Away: Most of us will never be privy to the problems of too much money and too much time. After reading about the antics behind one gated community in Ohio, I'm relieved that I won't be experiencing save when reading about them.

The pressure, usually self-imposed, means most of these wives strive to stay as slender as their teenage daughters, please their husbands in bed and ignore any affairs he may have.

And don't rock the boat with yours.

Recommendation: Read it, and count the blessings that live in your own home.

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