Monday, August 21, 2006

The Bible

Title: The Bible

Author: Various

Genre: Non-Fiction

Summary: A collection of stories about God's creation and how mankind will be saved.

The Take-Away: I didn't read it in one month. I read it over the course of a year.

But I read it as a troubled Christian. Logical and reasoning only get you so far when it comes to faith. As I read, I try to figure out what I believe, how the stories interact and support each other.

One of the biggest problems with the Bible is that most people have to rely on someone else to tell them what it means, even if they read it for themselves. Between translation issues, historical knowledge, and religious association, belief is formed through the influence of thousands.

By reading it for myself and asking questions, I challenge the dogma I was raised in. Some times I agree. Other times I don't. Some day, I'll take my questions to a church. For now, I read.

Recommendation: If you consider yourself a Christian, but haven't ever read for yourself, I must wonder why.

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