Thursday, August 10, 2006

Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle

Title: Turning Thirty

Author: Mike Gayle

Genre: Chick Lit, er, sort of

Summary: Approaching thirty, single and inbetween assignments, isn't any easier for a man than it would be for a woman.

The Take-Away: Most of the novel is about catching up with childhood friends and why they didn't continue into adult friendships. Most of what is revealed is something that anyone who has moved more than fifty miles from home can relate to.

One of the best parts is what happens when big secrets are revealed. Affairs and death are only two of the findings. Dealing with parental expectations is the other theme in the novel.

I liked it. It didn't have a big fashy event that kept me wondering what's next, but a build up of is this guy going to be man enough to turn 30 gracefully? And life keeps throwing him loops, just like real life does.

Recommendation: Best appreciated by those recently undergoing major life altering events.

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