Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Update on the Writing

Long time readers know that I've been using Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake Method for plotting with great satisfaction. In June, I finished Step 7. Steps 8 and 9 were completed in July. Step 10 was started at the end of July. A scant three months later, I have 22 pages typed and the first edit of those pages written on the printed pages. Tomorrow, I begin entering those changes. I'm hoping not only for a significantly better version, but also a increase in words. I missed out of many of the details necessary to bring my characters to life. I've got the voices of the supporting character's pegged. I fear, however, that my main character is going to come off as whore-ish, instead of insecure in one of the scenes. Until I let someone else read it, I won't know. I should be further than those 22 pages, if I had been true to my writing time. Instead I made excuses for not getting it down. Last month I buckled down and wrote all but 1,500 of my 7,478 words. I made some excel charts and daily writing goals (besides time committed.) This editing session is taking way longer than I expected or wanted it to, but was extremely necessary. Major character holes existed. I've patched most of them. A couple of spots are still weak, but I'm hoping to get them a bit later, either in another scene or through foreshadowing. Once this edit is typed, I'll let you know how many words I've added. My total should be around 11,000, in relation to the scene count I have. The trick was setting those daily writing goals. I usually write at work, at each of my breaks. Two 15 minute sessions and a 30 minute lunch doesn't seem like much, but I can handwrite an average of 165 lines or which is almost 900 words. Typing 500 lines takes me a day. This editing is taking a week or better. Okay, so now that I looked at it, I really only buckled down for the second half of the month of September. Mike Perry states in Off Main Street that the bald man who holds his mortgage is his motivation for writing. Mike is also a full-time writer since 1988 (I believe.) I'm more of a daily goal person. Which means I need to get my nose back to this last hole, or I won't be able to start typing my edits tomorrow, like I told myself I would.

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