Friday, October 28, 2005

Book Review VI

Title: The Nazi Officer's Wife

Author: Edith Hahn Beer

Genre: Non-fiction

Summary: A Jewish woman evades deportation to a work farm during Hitler's rule of Germany.

What was Good: This woman's voice was amazing. It's one of those novels that if I were teaching, I'd use for a good example of voice.

Or I'd use it to teach about WWII. The Diary of Anne Frank tells it from a child's point of view. This woman made choices that she knew could get her killed. The difference is astounding.

What wasn't: Occasionally, the narrator would enter the story and the sequence of events would be disrupted before it got back to first person point-of-view. It held true with an oral telling of the story, but threw me off for a printed work.

The Take-Away: A compelling tale well told.

Recommendation: Have a box of tissues handy while reading.

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