Thursday, October 06, 2005

Er, Spring Cleaning

It feels really good to clean out the blog roll of ones that never post, seldom post, or I simply don't read. Here's what I got rid of, and why Excel 12 was abandoned by owner, J-Walk. J-Walk is an MVP and signed a confidentiality release, making the blog ineffective. Bahgdad Burning hasn't posted in ages. Interesting when she does, but I'm not even sure that she is alive still. Terrible, eh? Certified Non-Toxic is often too busy at work to post. He might have abandoned this project. Lifestylism was quite odd and I didn't read it after a while anyway. Gas Guy revealed to his faithful readers that the whole blog was an experiment in character developement. Some truth was thrown in, but mostly fiction. Great concept, but no more posts. Volume 22 is abandoning his project after three years and a switch to the night shift Fast Fictions is a wonderful idea, I just don't care for the writing. Literary Chicks is seldom read more than the first lines that come through the feed and hate going to the site proper to finish any posts because of their floating graphic. It makes things difficult to read. I recently added Beyond Dusk because of the links she has and the relevance to writing that I'm focusing on. Plus, she has been sending tons of traffic my way. I wanted to see what sort of relevance she has. It's sort of like spring cleaning, but I don't need a shower afterwards.

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