Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NaNo Strategy

I'm gearing up for NaNo and have worked out a strategy. In order to write 50,000 in 30 days, one would need to write 1,667 words a day. Except that I know that nothing will happen on weekends because I have a family and kids. Same with Thanksgiving day. I have 21 writing days. So, I need to write 2,381 words a day or 714 words more than the people using the fully 30 in order to have 9 days off. (I did it this way last year too. I made it. I also was home sick for two days, thought I was going to die and couldn't even think about getting the laptop started to work on it. But that's another story.) My title is Letters to Elvis. I know little about the man and anticipate using this to pad some of the days. Afterall, discoveries made by the main character count. I like the idea of writing a chapter a day. Each of my chapters will be a letter to Elvis, from a girl who didn't know he was dead. The letters are going to be read by someone at the cemetary or Graceland or something of that sort. He will have a child, also a girl, two years younger than the MC. Their lives are hugely different. So I need 21 chapters. Actually, 25 because I know that some of the chapters won't fulfill the word count goal. My outline is the topic of the letter, the ages of the respective characters and the man's reaction. Maybe his wife's. I have an Excel sheet to track my progress (go figure, eh?) I have seven letters outlined and already the characters are giving me some interesting revelations about themselves. The idea came from a book recommended by a member of my writing group - The Writer's Block. It's to help you get over the hurdle of writer's block in various ways. Each page contains a story starter, a spark word or something else to get your pen moving. Mine was "Over 100 valentines are received by Elvis every year. Write about one of them." My blog will be hurried posts about word counts and referrals to my profile page for excerpts. If something is really shiny, I might post it here too.

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