Friday, July 08, 2005

Step Eight

I've completed Step Eight of the Snowflake method. Looking back through my notes, I discovered that my four page synopsis no longer matches my scene outline. My plan for the moment is to back track and have those two items coincide. The synopsis will be invaluable when submitting the book and nice to have it done before the first draft. Kelli has read my one sentence and one paragraph summaries. She gave me a thumbs up and the ultimate compliment that she would by it based on the "back cover" excerpts. The Backcover Jo’s work as a consultant fits the carefree lifestyle of the party-girl she really is. A lifestyle that crashes after a bachelorette party ends with a court summons for drunk and disorderly behavior. Her supervisor for the court ordered community service appeals to a softer side that Jo didn’t know she had. Jo fights to keep up the life she has created for herself, but finds that her new responsibilities have shifted her priorities. Jo decides that while she is still carefree, life as an adult can be what she wants, even if it isn’t quite what she had planned. Unlike my other pieces, I really have a good feeling about this. I believe that it is worth submitting and publishing. Everything before, just feels like practice.

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