Monday, July 18, 2005

The Half-Blood Prince

I was in line at Paper Tiger in Oshkosh at 9:30ish on Friday night. I was number six. It was a long wait, but they had the Chamber of Secrets playing, along with cookies and Kool-Aid. Blimpies stayed open until midnight or so, for those of us that were waiting. Even though I thought it was going to kill me, I didn't read any of the book until Saturday morning after the kids woke-up. I hadn't planned on reading any of it as our weekend was going to be busy with birthday parties and such, but I finished it on Saturday, just before midnight. My plan is to post about sometime next week, just so I don't have any plot spoilers for those who didn't finish it yet. Of course, comments are always a good place for that sort of thing too...

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