Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer Reading

Nora Roberts prolific writing and publishing has lead to her having a large space reserved on my book shelf. I generally buy her new books, too impatient to wait for the library to have a copy I can borrow. Her books are usually set in trilogies, giving the reader time to know all of the characters and see how their lives develope before and after their own stories. Black Rose is the second of her In the Garden series. A southern planation is haunted by a ghost who loves children. Three women, each in a different stage in life, are trying to figure out who she is. Rising Tides and Inner Harbor are the second and third in her Chesapeake Bay series. The identity of a young boy's parents fuels the rumors in a small New England town. The search for answers is complicated by a death and the woman who wants him back. While Ms Roberts' basic plot lines could be stories heard before, her well-developed and interesting characters always keep me coming back for me. She is one of the few authors who's books I'll re-read just for the characters.

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