Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I was introduced to Alice Hoffman by the movie Practical Magic. I thought the movie to be entertaining and fun. On the cover of another of Ms Hoffman's books was the tag from the author of Practical Magic. I figured it would be worth a shot. It was nothing like the movie. Her books have a dark quality to them that my brain finds quite appealing. They are wonderful for melancholy days. The Ice Queen held to this prinicple as well. The victim of a lightening strike has had her one wish come true - to be frozen. Everyone that touches her is burned by the coldness that she can do nothing about. The color red has been lost to her. Through a daring friendship and journey of self-discovery, she learns to forgive herself. The story stuck with me for days after finishing the book, just as the other titles I've read have. Even as I type this, weeks after its conclusion, the same haunted feeling comes back. I'd highly recommend this book.

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